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I want to purchase my own home but where do I start?

Our #1 advice (and settled.org.nz’s too) is: Build up a support team.

We recommend talking to a reputable mortgage advisor like NZ Mortgages to ensure you are aware of all your financing options, like shared equity schemes and other government Home Ownership assistance products.

Some helpful digital resources:
+ Settled
+ Sorted
+ First Home Decision Tool
+ slicetobuy.com

When can I see the updated scheme plan, floorplans and pricelists?

You can see the updated floorplans for Stage 1 here and the updated scheme plan and pricelist here.

What style of homes are they?

There are a variety of one, two, three and four bedroom terraced townhomes, built over one, two and three storeys to suit all lifestyles.

Are there any Body Corporate, Residents' Association or property maintenance fees?

All homes are on fee simple titles (freehold), and the land covenants attached to the sale and purchase agreements outline the responsibilities of each of the owners. This group of owners is referred to as a Residents Association and is required to be established on settlement as per the terms. The titling approach we have taken clearly defines areas of ownership, is the most cost-effective (no burdensome bodycorp fees) and creates the structure for owners to work together to keep their homes, the overall development and shared spaces well-kept.

Is there car parking and garaging?

Our development design has been heavily influenced by climate change data and we believe in order to combat climate change we need to first try to prevent its causes. Using greener alternatives to our current fossil fuel transportation is a massive help in the fight against climate change. However, we recognise that making changes takes time and most people still rely on conventional cars for transport. That’s why we have allowed for all dedicated car parks within our development to have EV charging cabling run, ready for you to order and customise a charger to suit. There are also over 50 public on-street car parks directly surrounding our development and public bus transport is very close by. There are no garages, but each home does have secure, lockable below finished floor area storage suitable for bikes, scooters, surfboards and lawnmowers.

How can I be assured it will be a quality and healthy home?

To further enhance the livability of the homes we build, we are targeting NZGBC 7 Homestar ratings as a minimum standard for all homes in Te Pakāu Maru. One of the main drivers for achieving this rating over and above the Building Code is to both minimise the environmental impact of the build and the on-going operating costs of the homes. With energy costs rising, prioritising an independently accredited higher performing home, leads to more sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes. An NZGBC review of 7 and 8 Homestar houses stated, “the annual savings were approximately $1,600 to $1,800”. Each home will also be issued with a certificate demonstrating compliance to our government's Healthy Home Tenancy Standard. Both standards are confirmed to be provided as per the contract clauses.

Furthermore, to further help residents understand building performance, air performance and operational costs we are in discussions with Tether to provide monitors to track and display building performance data via the Tether app, subject to purchaser’s approval. This will enable you to transparently see for yourself how your home is performing post-occupancy.

Does the car parking allow for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging?

Yes, we have partnered with Christchurch local, EVNEX(https://www.evnex.com) which design and manufactures their EV charging solutions in New Zealand. All car parks allow for EV charging cabling connections from house to carpark and there is a simple set-up process with EVNEX to order and install your customised charger.

Are the homes designed with climate and sea-level changes in mind?

These homes have been designed to be adaptive to changes in climate and sea levels. Our homes are between 1.1-1.5m above ground level, which will ensure that all the homes will be at or above the Christchurch City Council’s recommended (and not minimum) floor levels of 12.56m above sea level. This takes into account the latest tide and flood data which allows for a 1 in 200 year flood event at an elevated sea level of 1m above the current sea level. We have designed for sufficient adaptation for at least the next 120 years at a worst-case rise in sea level based on recently published current data.

How are your homes sustainable?

Sustainability requires looking at the environmental, social and economic impacts of the buildings we construct. Comfort, air quality, operational cost and environmental impact are all important parts of building sustainable outcomes. Our design decisions are informed by targeting a 7 Homestar rating which exceeds NZ Building Code standards by looking at a much wider construction, performance and sustainability criteria that measures how efficient, healthy and comfortable, liveable and environmentally responsible the homes we are building are. Our construction partner Home runs a successful waste minimisation programme across all their construction sites that sees an average of 75% + of all waste diverted away from landfill. (Waste minimisation is not a Building Code requirement, but we think it should be). We are not only taking a fabric-first approach but also have considered the costs associated with heating and operating these homes. To further help residents understand building performance, air performance and operational costs we are in discussions with Tether to provide monitors to track and display building performance data via the Tether app, subject to purchaser’s approval.

What is included for the purchase price?

House, land, hard and soft landscaping are all included in the purchase price. Please refer to the sub-division plan to see what portion of land is included and the chattels list on the sales & purchase contract to see what fittings and fixtures are included.

Where can we see any previous examples of your work?

Previous Developments:

Previous Construction:

Do any warranties come with the property?

Yes, all installed products both exterior and interior will have warranties and guarantees supplied that are fully compliant with the NZ Building Act and Code. You will be supplied with these on settlement and each product states its duration and validation. Purchasers will also benefit from a 12-month defects liability period.

Once the contract is signed, when are payments due?

You will only need to pay a one-off deposit of 5% of the sale price upon going unconditional. The remaining balance is due on settlement. No progress payments will be required before settlement, only final balance payment, just before settlement.

What is buying 'off-the-plan’, and how do I get more details around the design and specifications?

Buying off-the-plan means buying a property that hasn’t been built yet or is still under construction. You make your decision to buy based on the building plans and designs, rather than the finished product. Our team will keep you fully informed of progress throughout the development and construction process.

If you go unconditional with approved Resource Consent (RC) and pending Building Consent (BC) approval, the sale and purchase agreement details the number of working days you have to review the approved Building Consented (BC) plans and specifications. A copy of the Building Consent will be provided to you once it is approved. During this review process of the approved Building Consent, you do have the option to cancel the contract only on the basis that the plans and specifications cause a material change to the value of your new home. There is a $5,000 non-refundable inconvenience fee deducted from your deposit should that be the case.

Is there any option to change designs or colours?

No, these are turnkey homes with all specifications pre-selected by our design team. Rest assured, all colours and materials are lovingly and expertly chosen by our interior design and architectural teams. Final specifications and colours will be issued out as part of the approved Building Consent design review process. We have also partnered with ‘The Urban Advisory’ to ensure thoughtful community integration and urban design principles are used throughout the development process.

When will construction be complete and ready for us to move in?

Settlement (move-in) dates are targeted from the 3rd quarter of 2024. Please refer to the Estimated Completion Schedule. Construction Code of Compliance (CoC) will generally be completed around six to eight weeks in advance of settlement, due to various council and legal processes.

Which buyers will get purchase-preference?

We are committed to prioritising first-home buyers then owner-occupiers, then other buyers in that order in a multi-offer situation. We know it is getting harder for first-home buyers to secure their own home, where they can begin to put roots down into a local community. We want to support the growth and prosperity of the local community by enabling those that want to live in New Brighton to have an opportunity to purchase.

What is Smart Home enabled?

We prioritise foundational products that make you feel safe and secure. This includes creating a simple intercom system that includes a video doorbell, Wi-Fi enabled smart locks and a Smart Home Hub ready for you to add and customise to suit your needs.

We are also in discussions with Tether to install 'Home Built Smart', subject to purchaser's approval. This is like a fitness watch for your house. It securely collects information on just how healthy your home is and provides information to make sure it stays that way.

The information collected and displayed real-time includes:
- Air temperature inside your house
- Relative humidity (i.e. how much moisture is there in the air)
- Levels of carbon dioxide
- Atmospheric pressures
- Light levels
- How much electricity is being used

We believe this is the future of 'Smart Homes', giving you real-time feedback on the performance of your home.

Further questions?

Andrew is here to assist you on the journey to homeownership and answer any questions about buying your home off the plan. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you home to, Te Pākau Maru.

Andrew Barrett

Legal Disclaimer

All information provided in these FAQs are purely for information only and is not used for any contractual purposes. It is not legally binding. Please refer to the relevant Sales & Purchase Contract for the appropriate legally binding terms and specifications.