Te Pakau Maru | The developers
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A first-class team of proven property developers
Our vision is to create a place for new homeowners to flourish and grow.
A passion for building strong communities
Our experienced team work together to design, develop, build and nurture communities through thoughtful integration into the existing neighbourhood.
Te Pākau Maru is another community-focused development brought to you by Kāinga Maha, passionate about creating a connected place to call home.
Previous developments
Designing with a fresh perspective
Our teams bring their best to every project so we are as proud of your new home as you will be.
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Our architecture, landscape and interior design teams care about every detail they touch. They work as if it was their family moving in. We never lose sight of the purpose of the project, and focus our combined expertise in producing the best homes for the people who will eventually live there.

Our award-winning construction partner Home, has been building innovative, sustainable and people-centered residential developments across Aotearoa for 10 years. They combine their experience and skills with a desire to keep learning and improving, so every home is the best it can be.