Te Pakau Maru | The homes
2, 3 and 4 bedroom beachside townhouses
A place where homeowners can enjoy a modern and urban lifestyle, combined with the rejuvenation of living by the sea.
People-centred design
Intelligent design. Healthy and efficient living, with innovative practices that protect the environment.
Te Pākau Maru (the sheltering place) is needed more and more. Our home should be the place where we find rest and new energy for our busy lives. Designed to 7 Homestar standards, these homes are healthy, sustainable and more cost-efficient to live in.

An NZGBC review of 7 and 8 Homestar houses stated, “the annual savings were approximately $1,600 to $1,800”. Savings that stay in your bank account, to spend on what is important to you.

We are pioneering a new system of measuring and offsetting embedded carbon throughout the construction process.
The floorplans
Ground level
TPM Type 2 D Lower
Level one
TPM Type 2 D Upper
Ground level
TPM Type 2 G Lower
Level one
TPM Type 2 G Upper
Ground level
TPM Type 3 T Lower
Level one
TPM Type 3 T Upper
Ground level
TPM Type 3 W Lower
Level one
TPM Type 3 W Upper
Ground level
TPM Type 4 Lower
Level one
TPM Type 4 Middle
Level two
TPM Type 4 Upper
Healthy and sustainable homes to suit a modern lifestyle where homeowners can maximise on spending time with friends and family, enjoying Kiwi coastal living.
Architecturally-designed modern homes, built to last
Thoughtful community integration and urban design
Te Pākau Maru is a new residential development in the centre of New Brighton. Homeowners will experience the welcome of a tight-knit supportive community, living in one of New Zealand’s most exciting cities, on the verge of significant growth. Be part of something truly special!
Sustainable homes, built with the future in mind
Intelligent, adaptive design for coastal living. Smart Home enabled to connect to your ecosystem.
These homes have been designed to be fully adaptive to changes in climate and sea levels for the next 200 years. Our homes are between 1.1-1.5m above ground level, which is above the Christchurch City Council’s recommended (and not minimum) floor levels of 12.56m above sea level. This takes into account the latest tide and flood data which allows for a 1 in 200 year flood event at an elevated sea level of 1m above the current sea level. This should provide sufficient adaptation for at least the next 120 years at a worst-case rise in sea level.

Adding value to the homes we build, they are Smart Home ready and able to be customised to suit the individual homeowner. We prioritise foundation products that make you feel safe and secure.